ttsm researcher cited in OECD report


Carlos Pais Montes, researcher of the TTSM researching group has been cited in the OECD report “The Impact of Mega-Ships“, as a result of the interventions made in the OECD/ITF headquarters in Paris, last April 10th.

Container ships have grown incessantly over recent decades due to a continuous search for economies of scale by shipping lines. In the past this has contributed to decreasing maritime transport costs that facilitated global trade. However, the increase in container ship sizes and the speed with which that happens has consequences for the rest of the transport chain. They require infrastructure adaptations and productivity levels that increase costs for port operators, port authorities and other stakeholders in the supply chain. Moreover, mega-ships cause peaks in ports and put a strain on hinterland transports. Has a tipping point been reached, where further increases in ship size result in disproportionally higher port and hinterland costs? What are the impacts of mega-ships for the whole transport chain, and what could be done to optimise the use of mega-ships and mitigate negative impacts?

The study aims to answer these questions through a detailed assessment of the consequences of mega-ships for the different parts of the transport chains: maritime transport, ports, terminals and hinterland transport. This report is part of the International Transport Forum’s Case-Specific Policy Analysis series. These are topical studies on specific issues carried out by the ITF in agreement with local institutions.

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Horizon 2020 postdoc call

Horizon-2020The European Research Council (ERC) has published a new call for Advanced Grants (AdG) within the Science Program Excellent Horizon 2020. ADG are directed to senior researcher with recognized trajectory and impact of contributions and individual projects in the last ten years, very innovative and very high quality in any subject area. This call will remain open until Tuesday, June 2, 2015.

Vicerreitoría de Investigación, through OTRI is strongly supporting the preparation of proposals to the ERC which includes, in addition to the ADG, the Starting Grants (STG) for researchers who have between five and seven years postdoctoral experience, and Consolidator Grants (ADG) for researchers who have over 7 years and less of 12 postdoctoral experience.

If you are interested in receiving this type of calls, please contact the OTRI technician José Mahía (; extension: 2073), who can explain in detail characteristic of this program, advise in the preparation of its proposal and inform you about deadlines and dates of different calls that have been published.

This program is highly competitive and Proposals requires sufficient time to prepare carefully crafted designs and quality, so it is highly recommended to be put in touch with us as soon as possible in case you are interested in any form of this program.

Time series analysis: some papers on wavelets and economic time series

The spectrum analysis techniques based on Fourier transform are known in the field of physics and engineering, but not as much in the economy, due to the mathematical difficulty of some of its developments.

However, if we seek for scientific papers published, there is a growing literature using successfully this methodology for the analysis of economy time series. In particular, the use of wavelets is being configured as a star field of work for economists seeking powerful descriptive and predictive methods.

Below is a selection of some of these items, analyzing interest rates, inflation, oil prices and economic cycles with this mathematical approach:

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Labour market and education in JCR

For 2015, the research group wants to promote impact publications with its databases. To do this, you must know the magazines that are interesting in the specific field of research regarding to: labor market and higher education, vocational skills, employability factors, human capital and returns to education.

In order to achieve this, the TTSM group coordination has developed a table containing all JCR journals covering some way or another, target research.

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